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The Flash Flag - Commuter Model

The Flash Flag is available in two lengths with two different clamps to fit virtually all bikes. Click here for more information Retroreflective safety flash flag flash back

Adhesive and Magnetic Flags
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About Us

The Flash Back division of BIKE-UP CANADA INC. was founded in 1976 by Terry Smith, a retired RCMP officer, to provide runners, riders and walkers with the products they need to protect themselves whenever they venture near traffic after dark.

A separate web site www.safetyaftersunset.com explains how retroreflective materials work to make us conspicuous after dark; and how fluorescent materials make us conspicuous in daylight.
Our personal reflective products make great safety accessories for any season. To find out more choose one of the category buttons at the top of this page.

 Example of reflective flags

“Show you are proud of your country
& your flag day & night.”

All Flashback products are made in Canada and/or the USA using the highest quality 3M ® materials.

For more information, call us at (613) 254-9897
Email: sales@flashback.ca
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